Resolving Chrome Stalling Issue with AWS ALB

Are you experiencing frustrating stalling issues while using Chrome with your AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB)? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. I was also encountered this problem, but fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution. In this guide, I’ll explain how I tackled Chrome stalling problems when using AWS ALB.

Understanding the Issue

Before diving into the solution, let’s understand why this stalling issue occurs.

When we set up an ALB in AWS, it’s crucial to select at least two availability zones. This ensures high availability and fault tolerance by distributing incoming traffic across multiple zones.

However, if our target group or EC2 instances are not properly configured to operate in these selected availability zones, it can lead to stalling problems, especially when using Chrome.

The Solution

To resolve the stalling issue with Chrome and AWS ALB, we need to follow these three steps:

1. Check Availability Zone Configuration

We have to ensure that our ALB is configured to use at least two availability zones. This is typically done during the creation of the ALB. And it is mandatory by AWS. If you’ve selected more than two availability zones, ensure that your EC2 instances are running in all selected zones as well.

It means if AZs are selected three in ALB but EC2 instances are running only in two then this issue is likely to occur.

2. Verify Target Group Settings

Double-check the settings of our target group associated with the ALB. Ensuring that it includes instances from the selected availability zones. If necessary, we can adjust the target group settings to include instances from all relevant zones.

3. EC2 Instance Distribution

Our ALB is configured with multiple availability zones. So we have to make sure that our EC2 instances are also evenly distributed across these zones. This ensures balanced traffic distribution and prevents overloading of any single zone.

By ensuring proper configuration of our AWS ALB and EC2 instances across availability zones, we can effectively resolve stalling issues when using Chrome.

Sometimes, stalling issues can be caused by browser cache or conflicting extensions. We can clear our browser cache and disable extensions to see if the problem persists. This simple step can often resolve unexpected browser behavior.

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