Service Discovery

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Single Point of Failure

What is a Single Point of Failure (SPOF)? In any system, a single point of failure (SPOF) refers to a component or system that, if it fails, can bring down the entire system. It poses a significant risk to the … Read More

MongoDB to Atlas Migration

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Create User in MySQL

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Error Code: 1175 while modifying MySQL data from Workbench

Today, I encountered an error code 1175 while deleting the MySQL table row using MySQL Workbench. The error was like: This is because my MySQL server has a safe-update option enabled. As per the MySQL documentation on safe update, we … Read More

Increase Token Expiration AWS Cognito

In this post, we will learn to increase token expiration time in AWS Cognito User Pool. We are not going to learn what is AWS Cognito and why do we need to use it. This is not the scope of … Read More

Difference between scale in and scale-out in AWS

As a beginner, the term Scale In and Scale-Out is very confusing. These terms come under the AWS EC2 Auto Scaling. The Scale In is basically to reduce the number of instances from the Auto Scaling Group after identifying that … Read More

List all services Linux

In this short post, we will learn to use a command to list all services from Linux operating system. The command we are going to discuss here should work other operating systems like Mac and Unix. If the services are … Read More

How to remove service from systemd?

Systemd is a popular system and service manager used in many modern Linux distributions. It provides a centralized way of managing services on our system, making it easier to start, stop, enable, and disable them. However, there may come a … Read More