Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Introduction A content delivery network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers designed to deliver web content to users based on their geographical location. CDNs play a crucial role in enhancing website performance by reducing the distance that web content … Read More

Service Discovery

What is Service Discovery? Service discovery is a software design pattern that enables distributed applications to locate and connect to each other at runtime. This is important in microservices architectures, where applications are broken down into small, independent services that … Read More

Database Sharding

What is Sharding? Sharding is a method of dividing a large database into smaller, more manageable pieces called shards. Shards can be stored on different servers, which can help to improve performance and scalability. Why Sharding? There are a number … Read More

What is scaling in Cloud Computing?

Overview If I have to say about scaling in simple words, it is an ability to adapt to change in demand. That means, increasing or decreasing the resources when needed. Here resources means the hardware of the computer like CPU … Read More

Vertical scaling and Horizontal scaling

To understand vertical scaling and horizontal scaling better, let’s try to take a real-world example first, then we will go into the detail of these two types of scaling. Example Imagine we have written some code inside our computer. It … Read More

Clean up space in the tableau server

Overview In this post, we will learn how to clean up space in the tableau server. We may run out of space after a certain time where our Tableau server is running. Instead of increasing the disk size, we can … Read More

Run Kibana behind Nginx proxy with basic authentication

Steps to run Kibana behind Nginx Proxy To run Kibana behind Nginx proxy with basic authentication is really let’s go through the steps below Install nginx To enable basic authentication, we need to create a username and password. We are … Read More

String Interpolation In Jenkins

Jenkins Pipeline uses rules identical to Groovy for string interpolation. Groovy’s String interpolation support can be confusing to many newcomers to the language. While Groovy supports declaring a string with either single quotes, or double quotes, for example: Only the … Read More

Print Git Branch Name in Jenkins Pipeline

If you’re setting up a Jenkins pipeline, you may need to know how to print the Git branch name. Being able to see the branch name can be very useful in a Jenkins pipeline as it allows you to do … Read More

Clean Up Your Jenkins Home Directory

Developers and DevOps professionals frequently use Jenkins as a tool for automating tasks. However, like any software, it is essential to maintain it well for smooth operation. Unfortunately, people often overlook the maintenance of the Jenkins home directory, which can … Read More