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What is scaling in Cloud Computing?


If I have to say about scaling in simple words, it is an ability to adapt to change in demand. That means, increasing or decreasing the resources when needed.

Here resources means the hardware of the computer like CPU and RAM. The scaling operation can be achieved by adding resources in the current system, or by adding a new system in the existing one, or both.

Hence, scaling is either to add or remove the resources in our system based on the demand.

There are two types of scaling:

  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling

Vertical scaling

Vertical scaling is to increase computing and memory power to our existing system to meet the demand of the load. It can be cheaper and easier to maintain since it does not depend with any external things.

Horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling is to add more machines or computers to meet the demand of the system load. It can add some headache to maintain the systems than the Vertical scaling.


In this short post, we understood the what is scaling and its type. To understand it in detail you can read Vertical scaling vs Horizontal scaling

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