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HTTP Methods

HTTP methods are basically used to let server know what to do with the given resource of the particular request. Mainly, there are eight HTTP methods which are listed below.


GET is the simplest, and probably the most used HTTP method. It simply retrieves the data identified by the URL. If the URL refers to a script like a servlet, it returns the data produced by the script.

The HEAD method provides the same functionality as GET, but it only returns HTTP headers without the document body.


Like GET, POST is also a widely used HTTP method. Typically, the POST method is used in HTML forms. POST is used to transfer a block of data from the client to the server in the entity-body of the request.


The OPTIONS method is used to query a server about the capabilities it provides. Queries can be general or specific to a particular resource.


The PUT method is used to replace all the existing content with the given request content.


The DELETE method is used to delete the content or resource from the server. The resource to be deleted is indicated in the URI section of the request.


The TRACE method is used to trace the path of a request through the firewall and multiple proxy servers. TRACE is useful for debugging complex network problems and is similar to the traceroute tool.


The patch method is similar to the PUT but it can be used to modify the resource partially.

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