java.lang.Boolean class in Java

The java.lang.Boolean class encapsulates the primitive boolean type within an object. This encapsulation allows boolean values to be treated as objects, enabling us to perform various operations on them. Instances of the Boolean class can hold two values: true or false. These instances are immutable, meaning their values cannot be modified after creation.

Key Features of java.lang.Boolean Class

When working with the java.lang.Boolean class, several key features come into play:

Creating Boolean Instances

To create a Boolean instance, we can use the constructor methods provided by the class. For example:

Boolean trueValue = new Boolean(true);
Boolean falseValue = new Boolean(false);

Value Comparison

The Boolean class offers methods to compare two Boolean objects based on their boolean values:

Boolean firstValue = new Boolean(true);
Boolean secondValue = new Boolean(false);

if (firstValue.equals(secondValue)) {
    // Code block for equal values
} else {
    // Code block for different values

Converting to Primitive boolean

We can convert a Boolean object to its corresponding primitive boolean using the .booleanValue() method:

Boolean boolValue = new Boolean(true);
boolean primitiveBool = boolValue.booleanValue();

Logical Operations

The Boolean class provides methods for logical AND, OR, and NOT operations:

Boolean firstValue = new Boolean(true);
Boolean secondValue = new Boolean(false);

Boolean resultAND = firstValue && secondValue;
Boolean resultOR = firstValue || secondValue;
Boolean resultNOT = !firstValue;

Methods in java.lang.Boolean Class

The java.lang.Boolean class offers a variety of methods to manipulate and extract information from Boolean objects:

compareTo(Boolean otherBoolean)

This method compares the boolean value of the current Boolean object with another Boolean object.


Returns the hash code value for the Boolean object.


Converts the Boolean object into a string representation.

valueOf(String s)

Converts a string representation of a boolean value into a Boolean object.